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1900 Lawrence project will deliver building infrastructure designed to maximize occupant health and comfort, creating a new standard for indoor environment for the Denver office market.

Press Release:

In conjunction with advancement of the zoning process for the 1900 Lawrence office development, Riverside Investment & Development is announcing deployment of a state-of-the-art infrastructure program that holistically combines (a) minimum fresh air rates that exceed local code minimums by more than 330%, (b) secondary air purification systems which targets viral and bacterial pathogens, (c) the most advanced commercial filtration system on the market, (d) active control of relative humidity conditions (e) the most advanced elevator technology available as well as (f) indoor air quality and pollutant measurement..

The program has been designed to:

According to a May 2020 Cohesion survey of national commercial office building tenants, employees want to feel confident that their buildings are designed and operated in manner that prioritizes health and safety, with building cleanliness and indoor air quality decidedly the most important factors.  Drew Nieman, Principal and Executive Vice President of Riverside Investment & Development, believes that the availability of fresh air, both outdoors and indoors, will be an area of particular focus going forward:

“Most of our existing portfolio tenants have a national, if not global, perspective, and we’ve been in constant communication with them throughout the pandemic,” Nieman said. “In collaborating with third party subject matter experts over the past several months, we are confident we are taking aggressive steps to establish an elevated standard for indoor environmental conditions.  In addition, 13 of the tenant floors at 1900 Lawrence have private terraces or balconies, giving occupants direct access to outdoor space within their private premises.”

Barry Dorfman of JLL, who leads the firm’s Denver tenant representation activities, echoed Mr. Nieman’s comments: “Our Denver clients – as well as our JLL brokerage team – always strive to be on the cutting edge of the newest technology to provide a safe environment for building occupants.  We are advising our clients to ask questions and seek enhancements to indoor air quality, and tenant wellness, when considering space decisions.”

Jamie Roupp of JLL, who is leading the marketing effort for the building has this to say: “I have been fortunate to represent a number of high-profile office buildings in the Denver market.  The best-in-class technology planned at 1900 Lawrence is designed to address tenant’s increased focus on the indoor environment and the health and productivity of their employees.”

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